Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baseball Book

Back in 1998, I received a book for Christmas. I did not get around to reading it until the last couple of days. I wish I had read it back then. Although it was a very enjoyable read today. The book:

Back then, I was heavily into baseball. I shared a mini-season plan to the Orioles and was at "The Yard" at least once a week. I wasn't an Orioles fan though, my allegiance was in the National League. I just wanted to see baseball live. The site, the smells, the game, and yes, the "Woo-Woo" Boys (ask me about them sometime). I loved the game.

Then life hit. I was in love, I moved away from a major league park, I had kids. All took me away from something I enjoyed immensely. This book brought it back for me. Maybe I will watch a game every now an then. Hopefully Jon Miller will be broadcasting.

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