Friday, May 2, 2008

All Work and No Pay...

What would you do if 2 of your last 3 paychecks was short? Quit? I can't. I work for a national convenience store chain (how many of them are there?). And I am angry. The fault is not at the corporate office. The fault is at my store. There are two people trained to do payroll at the store and I am not one of them. And for "whatever reason" payroll is not being done properly.

How do you get and keep good employees? You pay them correctly and on time! There is one co-worker who has been working at our store for a month. She got a partial paycheck overnighted to the store yesterday. This paycheck covered only one weeks worth of pay.

In a former job I managed a retail store. In all my years there we never once had an issue about the payroll. That is because I made sure everyone who was doing payroll was trained on how to do it properly, and that it was done on time. I was able to keep good employees that way.

You don't mess with people's paychecks!!!

I will be making a call later today. I will be going up the corporate foodchain on this one to be sure!