Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oh, the joy!

Oh, the joy of a child that has to go to the Principal's office. My boy did not listen to the teacher in class yesterday. In fact he put his hands over his ears. This was behaviour they tolerated in pre-school last year. I asked him why he went to the Principal's office and he said he did not remember. He also did not remember what the principal said. This behaviour was not bad enough to get a call home so, I will be going in to school to talk and strategize with the teacher so, hopefully, we will not have a repeat of this behaviour.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Things are afoot at the Circle K

(Not the real name of the convenience store where I work.)

This past week was just lovely. Only one of my days did not change. It was a day off. Everything else last week was different. Either I change my other day off to cover for a fellow employee who could not work, or other employees showed up late or did not come in. It is really hard to get store business done when you are stuck on a register.

The cause of the "fun", at least in my estimation, is that the store is going from corporate to franchise and the manager thinks they will not be kept on by the franchise owner. At least 3 of the workers have told me they will not work for the new owner. And who knows who, if anyone, the new owner will keep on.

Not a good atmosphere to work in. I went through a period in my old job which was very similar. About half the people quit during a 3 month period. And it was a huge strain on those of us left.

I doubt that the corporation or the new owner are aware of this. And I doubt that they care as they look at the payrate and feel they can fill the positions with anyone. The problem is that they should care because all the worker that have told me they will quit are the most experience/best worker in the store. What the new owner will have left are the worst workers (and myself). The new owner will not have anyone trained in all facets of management.

Maybe I should start looking now?